Smoothie bowl in the shape of a heart

We’re glad you asked. With numerous health benefits, you can find the perfect nutrient-rich powder option for you!

If your morning smoothie or homemade protein bar needs a bit more oomph, we’ve got the ultimate range of powders to help you level your antioxidant, superfood, vitamin and mineral dose up to the max! If you didn’t think you could fit that many fruits and veggies into one healthy snack, don’t worry - you don’t have to. But how do you decide which one?

Whether you need to improve your circulation or get energised for the day, it's a little bit like calling on a friend to help you out…

So, who do we have here?:


Guarana: The Career-Focused/Grown-Up Friend: Sustained energy throughout the day? Check. Gradual source of caffeine first thing in the morning? No question. This friend is that no-nonsense, get-it-done type of person that will help you pack the perfect business trip suitcase.

Helping with enhanced focus, the steady release of energy and promoting a more balanced alertness than, for instance, caffeinated coffee, Guarana can help you absolutely smash your productivity goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that smoothie maker going and watch your inbox clear itself! 😉

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Maca: The “strong” friend: They helped you move house, lift weights religiously and…well, they probably use Maca powder in their protein shakes.

This nutrient-rich ingredient contains amino acids and its adaptogenic processes help you cope with stress. That friend that will get you a free pass to their gym, teach you how to deadlift like a pro and leave your arms and legs absolutely killing you the next day? Yeah, that’s Maca. Good guy.

Check out our blog post on how to make a Maca and Tahini smoothie or a ChocaMalty Maca Protein Smoothie, depending on your mood.

Yerba Maté: The “Yoga” friend: Natural source of caffeine, flexible, adaptable. That one friend that’s training to run a marathon, can do all the backbends in yoga class and just generally seems a bit “effortless”. But is also really supportive so you can’t easily be cross with them? Your ultimate cheerleader and great when you need that gentle push…namaste, Yerba Maté…

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Graviola: The friend that always backs you, no matter what:

Graviola’s defensive properties and antioxidant qualities are amazing for your immune system and blood circulation and supports other functions such as digestion and general detoxification.

Graviola bit like that loyal friend. What’s that, you got into an argument? Definitely the other person’s fault and not yours, no questions asked.

Like this friend who will fiercely support you through thick and thin, Graviola helps combat oxidative stress and will fight the immune system’s enemies, including free radicals, while encouraging your cells to regenerate. A top-tier pal, if ever there was one.

Learn more about the benefits of Graviola here!

Acai: The Instagram-obsessed friend: Nicknamed the “beauty berry”, this girl has the photo-op down to the hashtags and the purple outfit. Acai is so-called because it is stabilised at 100% polyphenols and helps minimise damage at the cellular level, giving your skin and its cells a great shot at regenerating. Packed with vitamins B, C1, A and E, Acai is the friend that takes you for a spa treatment when you’re feeling burnt out and in need of some TLC. (Plus you’ll get a great selfie to remember the fun you had!)

Have a look at our tips for how to add more acai to your diet.

Atomic Brazillian: The “Funemployed” Friend: It’s 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. But hey, do you want to go wakeboarding?

Full of vitality and always up for adventure, this friend will invite you to do the coolest stuff…but may sometimes forget other people have responsibilities.

Our Atomic Brazillian Powder is similarly kind of unstoppable. If you like spice then this blend of Camu-Camu, Guaraná, Yerba Maté, and Suma (or “Pfaffia”) is absolutely for you.

Blend and marinade for a sizzling flavour on the barbecue, in a chilli con carne or add to a smoothie if you dare!

If you’re only just starting to get into spices, try a small amount in a familiar dish. For you, for now, Atomic Brazilian powder may be totally amazing in small doses. (Just like a night out with that crazy friend…)

The abundant health benefits of Camu Camu, an ingredient in our Atomic Brazilian Powder, can be found here.

Get a little health and wellness help from your Rio Health powder pals! Whether you choose GoGo Guarana, Muscly Maca, energised Yerba Mate, Beautiful Acai or wild child Atomic Brazillian, we’ve got the powder to suit you. So, boost your health, get creative and have fun with it!