The Rio Amazon Story

Many years ago our co-founder travelled to Brazil and was inspired by the wonderful herbs which grew abundantly in every corner of the Amazon rainforest.

He found a treasure trove of nature’s finest botanicals which had been used by indigenous peoples to support their health and wellbeing. His mission was to bring the finest herbs back to the western world, and to share their beneficial properties.

This is all for you

You’re the reason we do what we do. For over 30 years, we’ve been searching, sharing and teaching about the potent healing powers of South American herbs. All to help you be healthier, be happier, be yourself.

Pure South America

Who are we to change an age-old ritual? The raw herbs and extracts we source today are the same homegrown, hand-plucked variety the people of South America have been harvesting for centuries.

Honest to goodness

We’re staunch supporters of the preservation of the Amazon and its communities, and always try to negotiate a fair trade price with our sustainable growers.