Graviola or "Soursop" fruit in a bowl next to a juice
Frequently Asked Questions about Graviola: Your Complete Guide 

The Graviola hype seems to be all around us – is this amazing Amazonian fruit having a moment in 2024? To get on the Graviola bandwagon, I decided to make myself a cup of Rio Health Daily Shield Pau D’arco & Graviola Tea (very delicious) and get answering the superfood’s most popular mysteries…

What is Graviola and What are Its Health Benefits?

Graviola, also known as “Soursop” or “Annona Muricata” is a tropical fruit native to the Amazon rainforest. Its potential health benefits include immune support, digestive health, vitamins B & C (including thiamin and niacin) and it also boasts a rich antioxidant content. What’s not to love?

How Best to Consume Graviola?

At Rio Health, we offer Graviola in many forms!  From Graviola fruit capsules, leaf capsules, powder and Graviola/Soursop Tea, you can enjoy this tropical wonder in a way to suit you. With Rio Health’s range of Graviola goodness, it’s never been easier to find the perfect option to fit your lifestyle and health goals.

Is Graviola Safe for Consumption?

Graviola is thought to be safe and suitable for most individuals when consumed in moderation. However, we at Rio Health are not medical professionals! Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended before adding any new supplement to your routine.

How About if I’m Pregnant?

Firstly, congratulations! Unfortunately, guidance suggests that Graviola/Soursop should NOT be taken during pregnancy, just in case of adverse effects. Nonetheless, as always, it’s best to consult a doctor or another health professional to be sure of best practice.

Graviola: A Plant-Based Solution for All

Graviola is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and offers a natural, plant-based option for health-conscious individuals. A rich source of vitamin C, amongst others, Soursop has been used since ancient times in South America for a range of ailments.

 Where to Buy Graviola Products in the UK?

Check out our Graviola collection page for all high-quality Graviola products available here at Here, you can explore our wide range of capsules, teas, and juices to support your wellbeing.

Proper Storage Tips for Graviola Products

For an unripe Graviola fruit, store at room temperature for best results. Ripe Graviola should live in the fridge. Teas, powders and capsules sold by Rio Health should be stored at room temperature, too.

Graviola: Your Natural Wellness Companion

Embrace the power of Graviola as a natural ally in your path towards wellness. Experience its health potential and the benefits for yourself. Sometimes likened to that of pineapple or strawberry, Graviola’s sweet and refreshing taste is a major draw, too!

Try the capsules, powder – or, seriously, the tea! – for yourself and experience Graviola in your own way. Happy health journeys, everyone!