Pure Radiance: Rio Hydra Age
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Cosmetic Spatula


Brand Rio Cosmetics

SKU: 8509
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Your Hydration Ritual

Cleansing isn't just the first step; it's the most important one!⁠

Our Hydra Age facial cleanser goes beyond just cleansing. Infused with shea butter, pineapple and papaya extract, it not only cleans but nourishes deeply, leaving your skin feeling fully refreshed and cared for.

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Rio Cosmetics was developed by Samantha Smits.

As a nature health entrepreneur, she knows one thing
for sure: plants have power. However, after years of research and hands-on experience, she realized that plant power alone isn’t enough for optimal skin health. That’s why she sought the best of both worlds and found it in Switzerland. Carefree skincare that
works and feels luxuriously delightful, allowing you to
enjoy without harming people, animals, or nature.

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