Unveiling the Power of Green Magma: A Journey through Nature's Nutritional Treasure

This April, we’re waving goodbye to the old and hello to new beginnings. While prioritising our health is important at any time of year, the return of the sunshine and longer evenings is surely a motivator time to give your body’s cells that extra nutrient-boost to keep them happy and thriving!

In a world with so many products promising health benefits, the allure of natural supplements has captured the attention of many. Among these, the emerald elixir of Green Magma stands out, celebrated for its potent blend of organic ingredients and centuries-old wisdom. The story goes as follows:

First developed in Japan in 1969 when Japanese pharmacologist Yoshihide Hagiwara became ill, this led him to research over 150 types of plants, fruits and vegetables for a cure, finding barley grass to be “one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature” and a powerhouse of essential compounds.

And so “Green Magma” was born, offering a formula rich in chlorophyll and vital enzymes that also helps neutralise the acidity of refined or processed foods. A proud winner of Japan’s prestigious Science and Technology Award, Hagiwara’s patented formula is unique in its ability to preserve and keep the potent nutrient profile of barley grass, including such key ingredients as selenium, beta-carotene and iron, to name a few.

Hailing from the lush landscapes of Japan, Hagiwara’s formulas are made from finest ceremonial-grade matcha and vibrant barley grass. Crafted with meticulous care and respect for tradition, this organic elixir embodies the essence of nature’s finest vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The Essence of Green Magma

Green Magma’s signature ingredient of barley grass juice extract boasts a remarkable nutritional profile, brimming with over 70 crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients. What most sets Green Magma apart, however, is its emphasis on preserving the delicate enzymes and active compounds present in freshly harvested barley grass.

Through a patented extraction and spray-drying process, Green Magma retains its enzymatic potency, ensuring maximum bioavailability and efficacy. Unlike conventional powdered supplements, which may lose vital nutrients during processing, Green Magma encapsulates the essence of raw barley grass in the form of convenient capsules, powders and ready-made juices.

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 The Power of Chlorophyll

Central to the allure of Green Magma is its rich chlorophyll content. Often hailed as the "green blood of plants," chlorophyll shares a striking resemblance to human haemoglobin, playing a pivotal role in photosynthesis and cellular energy production. By harnessing the vitality of chlorophyll-rich barley grass, Green Magma offers a natural source of energy and vitality.

Embracing Balance

In a world dominated by natural healers and environmental toxins alike, achieving balance is paramount for vibrant health. Green Magma provides alkaline equilibrium, counterbalancing the acidity induced by some less-healthy modern dietary habits such as consuming non-whole foods. By incorporating Green Magma’s chlorophyll-rich solution into daily wellness rituals, you can fortify your body and enjoy balance while restoring harmony from within.

The Promise of Green Magma

Combining centuries of Japanese tradition with modern scientific rigour, this organic formula represents a harmonious fusion of nature and innovation.

Whether stirring its powdered form into a refreshing glass of juice, blending into a nourishing smoothie or taking as capsules on the go during busy days, Green Magma invites you on a journey towards holistic wellness.

In a world of health trends and fleeting fads, Hagiwara's unique formula is a steadfast symbol of enduring wellness. With the nutritional benefits of pure barley grass without the grass fibre, Green Magma offers simple solution to help you maximise your health on a cellular level.

 As we navigate the complexities of modern living, you can experience the healing power of Green Magma and start the path towards a more energised everyday life. Whatever your preferred method of delicious green vitamins - browse our products for powders, capsules, and juices and find the best option for your wellness journey.

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