Go, Guarana, Go!

How much do you know about guarana, the caffeinated powerhouse of Brazillian climbing plants? Let us introduce you to - or remind you of - gregarious guarana and its high-energy plant potential...


Amazonian Origins

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) has a rich history deeply rooted in indigenous Amazonian cultures. Traditionally used by the Guaraní and Tupi tribes in Brazil, guarana has long been revered for its stimulating effects and healthy properties. The seeds were historically brewed into a potent tonic, which was consumed to enhance energy levels and sharpen mental focus during long hunts and rituals.

Today, guarana is similarly revered by Brazil’s residents and those interested in health and natural energy sources worldwide.

Read on for some facts, health tips and how best to consume the curious Amazonian climbing plant...

Eyeball, Oddball  👀

If you Google "Guarana", be prepared for the results to stare back at you! With an open pod that looks like an all-watchful eye, the Brazillian climbing plant is aptly nicknamed “the eyes of the jungle”. Its strange-looking seed thought to be about the size of a coffee berry. While some Amazonian birds and monkeys are thought to snack on fruits of their rainforest habitat, it can be hard to pin down guarana’s specific predators.  Given its eerie appearance and high caffeine content, it seems no surprise that some creatures choose to stay away!

Guarana Gives Coffee a Run for its Money

Like the coffee bean, guarana is similarly used for its caffeine benefits. Research suggests that by comparison, coffee only contains 1-3% caffeine, whereas guarana seeds in general contain as much as 2-8%, making guarana potentially three times as powerful. Guarana is widely used in leading brands of energy drinks to promote wakefulness and, you guessed it…more energy! Guarana also contains theophylline and theobromine, which, like caffeine can influence alertness throughout the day.  Unlike coffee and some other caffeinated beverages, however, guarana is thought to increase energy levels without the common energy “crash”. The caffeine in guarana is accompanied with active compounds called “tannins” - also found in tea - which promote the slower-release effect of its energy boost. While some undesirable influences are associated with accidental high dosages of guarana - just like coffee - the Brazilian berry is suggested to be safe for consumption in moderation. Be warned that a little goes a long way - we don’t call it GoGo guarana for nothing!

Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function

Beyond its role in enhancing physical energy, guarana is also celebrated for its cognitive benefits. The caffeine and antioxidants present in guarana have been shown to enhance mental alertness, focus, and cognitive function. Whether you're studying for exams, tackling a demanding work project, or seeking to improve overall mental clarity, incorporating guarana into your routine may provide the mental edge you need to thrive.

Superfood Superhero

With its antioxidant potential, guarana is a known “superfood”. Included antioxidants include tannins, saponins, and flavonoids. These potent compounds can help oxidative stress and neutralise free radicals throughout the body. By protecting cells from damage and supporting overall immune function, guarana is thought to potentially contribute to long-term health and vitality when consumed in moderation.

How to Incorporate Guarana into Your Routine

There are various ways to reap the benefits of guarana, depending on personal preferences of how to take it. Rio Health’s guarana supplements are available in capsule, tablet, and powder form, making them convenient to integrate into your daily routine. For a quick shot of energy , why not try Organic GoGo Guaraná Jungle Elixir? If you have a little more time and some fruits and veggies to hand, you can always add a scoop of Organic GoGo Guaraná Powder to a smoothie, bowl of porridge oats or baked into a delicious homemade cereal bar for some added energetic goodness. If you’re in a rush, however, Rio Amazon Organic Guaraná Vegicaps 500mg are ideal for taking with you on the go to raise your productivity and energy levels on busy days.


From its origins in the heart of the Amazon rainforest to its growing popularity worldwide, guarana continues to captivate with its array of health benefits and natural energising properties. If you're seeking a sustainable energy source and enhanced mental clarity, guarana offers a holistic solution rooted in ancient Brazilian wisdom.

As with any supplement, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating guarana into your regime, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are sensitive to caffeine. With responsible use and mindful consumption, guarana can serve as a great tool for an added boost naturally – and all from the heart of the Amazon.