Is Yerba Mate safe in pregnancy?
Rio Amazon  Yerba Mate would not be recommended in pregnancy as these are 1500mg teabags with the current batch containing an average 24.6 mg caffeine per teabag. The Yerba Mate capsules are 500mg and have an average of 2.5mg caffeine per capsule (current batch). These are considered safe to use in moderation during pregnancy although you should consult your healthcare provider on this.
Are there any plastics used in the Rio Amazon teabags?

The sachets/teabags used for all teas in the Rio Amazon range of teas are unbleached and made from a mixture of abaca and cellulose. No plastics are used in producing the teabags, nor to seal them. 


Can maca be used in pregnancy?

A maximum of 4 Rio Amazon maca capsules may be used in the last trimester of pregnancy. Always check with your healthcare provider if this is suitable for you. 


Does Maca have to be taken before food?

It is okay to take food just after taking maca. It can also be taken after or with food. It may have more effect before food as it would be assimilated without interference by digestive processes.


Are Rio Amazon Pau d’Arco capsules gluten-free, dairy-free and gelatine-free?

Yes, Rio Amazon Pau d’Arco vegicaps are gluten-free, dairy-free and gelatine-free. 


On the packaging of the Rio Amazon Pau d’Arco vegicaps it says 5:1 extract.  What does this mean?

Several of our South American botanical capsules are 5:1 extracts. This means that it would take 5 times the fresh herb to make the resulting 1 part of finished product in the capsule. So, in this case the 500 mg content of capsule is the equivalent of 2500 mg of fresh herb as harvested.