Rio Amazon Tayuya Tea


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Contains antioxidants

Tayuya (Cayaponia tayuya) is a woody vine found throughout the Amazon rainforest in South America. Tayuya is known by several botanical names, but all of these names refer to the same plant, a member of the gourd family.

Rainforest people have been using Tayuya since prehistoric times, and Tayuya tea is still popular in Brazil today. Traditionally, the long tuberous roots are used to make an infusion that is usually combined with a bit of honey to tone down the strong, bitter taste.

This Amazon plant contains actives called cucurbitacins and glucosides, and other plant antioxidants have been isolated in the root.

Infuse 1 teabag in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes – then sweeten to taste with honey or sugar. Drink 1 - 3 cups per day or as recommended by your health practitioner.

Pure shredded Tayuya (Cayaponia tayuya) root.

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