The New Rio Health Tinctures!
The Rio Health range, is a range of 25 tinctures of mainly South American botanicals. Each is a 1:3 tincture using 55% alcohol, provided in glass bottles with calibrated dropper for easy dispensing. Most of the plants are grown in Peru where they are ecologically wildcrafted.
Unlike tablets and capsules which need to be broken down by the digestive system, tinctures absorb readily by the body. No excipients are needed so each tincture contains only water, alcohol and the botanical ingredient(s). Tinctures also readily permit easy titration (increasing of dose slowly upward), which is an important consideration for adults and children alike.
The Rio Health Tincture collection includes Barberry, Cat's Claw, Cecropia, Chanca Piedra, Maca, Manayupa, Parsley, Stevia and many more botanicals.
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May 04, 2021 by Rio Health