Vegan skincare
Are you looking for a vegan treat for your skin powered by plants?
Then watch now!
Samantha's personal message to you!
Hi, my name is Samantha and I would like to share part of my life story and struggle with finding the right cosmetic products with you.
I have been an entrepreneur and part of the family owned company, Rio Health, for many years. I made it my mission to strive for a better world, a Happy Healthy Life for everyone in which nature plays a major role, but also in which I can be myself and enjoy myself, without causing damage to people and animals. However, when you're busy trying to live vegan and to leave the world a little better for everyone else, you sometimes struggle with the balance - what's good for the world, but also feels good and works for me? Does it also make me happy when I put it on my face and give me the result and high-end feeling I was looking for? There was of course only one possible solution... I had to design my own products - and so the story of Rio Cosmetics began :)
Vegan Skincare
The power of plants
From my experience in natural health I know, plants have power! However, sometimes the feel, smell, texture or end results were not the best. I want the smell and feel of high end luxurius skin care that really works, without compromises. The entire range is 100% vegan and of course cruelty free - not tested on animals whatsoever.
My quest for anti-ageing skincare that works
In my search for finding the best formulas that really have the feel and effect I was looking for, I discovered a Swiss laboratory where plant technology is used to the max. Some of the active plant power ingredients I carefully selected are; Shea butter, Caffeine, Algae, Samphire, Bidens Pilosa, Pineapple extract and Cactus extract.
A beautiful skin is all about hydration
As many specialist will tell you, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! That is also the strength of my range. Maximum hydration combined with effective anti-ageing (who doesn't want that!) ingredients. When the moisture level in your skin is up to par, you get that healthy, fresh glow that naturally we all want to care for your skin as lovingly as possible. That is the product that I was looking for. With the luxurious feeling on your skin that it immediately does something and has a nice smell.

Rio Cosmetics gives all the goodness of nature to care for your skin as lovingly as possible and of which you can be proud and is a gift for yourself. You deserve this and so does the world! It makes your skin stronger, more beautiful and more radiant, without harming people or animals. A truly delicious treat for your skin and soul. No more compromises. This is Rio. Loving, luxurious and effective skin care that you can proudly put on your bathroom shelf.
Will you let me know what you think?