Nutramedix Mora 30ml


SKU: 30017

Nutramedix Mora is a proprietary blend of Blackberry Leaf, Yarrow flower and Mulateiro bark. Blackberry leaf may be used to maintain supple joints, while Yarrow flower helps to support digestion.

Start with 1 drop in water twice per day and build up slowly until a dose of 2 x 15 drops is reached, or as recommended by your practitioner. To use - mix dose in a glass of water, then leave to stand for one minute before drinking. Take for a period of between one and three months. Take at least 15 minutes away from other supplements or medication. Please see allergen section for caution about allergic reaction.

Proprietary blend of Yarrow, Mulateiro and Blackcurrant extracts, Mineral water, Gluten free ethanol (20-24%).

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