Nutramedix Mapalo 30ml


SKU: 30016
  • Potent liquid extract
  • Contains mata palo bark
  • Herbal supplement

Nutramedix Mapalo is a potent liquid extract of Mata Palo bark.


Start with one drop in water twice per day, slowly increasing to 15 drops twice per day, or as directed by your practitioner.


Proprietary blend of Yarrow, Mulateiro and Blackcurrant extracts, Mineral water, Gluten-free ethanol (20-24%).

About Nutramedix

Sourced mainly from Peru, Nutramedix manufacture products from nature’s finest botanicals, most of which are little known outside of South America. The extensive Nutramedix product range contains a number of lesser-known yet potent herbs, as well as more familiar plant extracts.