Nutramedix Algas 30ml


SKU: 30002

Liquid extract of Algas (Gigartina chamissoi) red algae. Nutramedix Algas is produced from an extract of Gigartina chamissoi, a red algae that is collected fom the Pacific Ocean off the Peruvian coast. This edible algae has been used for centuries as a food. Related species of red algae are cultivated all over the world as a food for their high nutritional value. Red algae contains a wide range of minerals including iodine, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. It is also a source of carbohydrates called carragenans that have no calorific value.

Put 5 - 10 drops in a glass, add 120ml (4oz) of water and wait one minute before drinking. Take one dose every 1-3 days, or as recommended by your practitioner.

Algas (Gigartina chamissoi) extract, Mineral water, Gluten free Ethanol (20-25%).

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