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Reduces puffiness

By stimulating lymphatic drainage, jade rollers help to decrease puffiness on the face and brighten under-eye darkness. They’re a cheat’s way to looking like you’ve had a refreshing 10 hours’ sleep!

Brightens your complexion

Want radiant skin for summer? Jade rollers help to boost blood flow beneath the skin’s surface, which in turn, encourages cell repair and gives you a healthy glow.

Facial massage

The combination of the naturally cooling stone and the gentle rolling pressure will help relax the facial muscles and reduce tension. When combined with a luxurious facial oil, you’ll feel like you’ve had a spa treatment! It’s a lovely, mindful way to start and end the day.

How to use it:

Step 1: Using a natural cream cleanser, remove makeup and any traces of dirt or grease. Opt for products with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, avocado and aloe vera to ensure that the cleansing process is gentle and nourishing rather than drying.

Step 2: Gently pat 2-3 drops of facial oil onto cleansed skin. Rosehip oil will help to target wrinkles or scarring, whilst an antioxidant oil will help replenish the skin’s natural defences and protect against urban living.

Step 3: Working away from the nose area, use broad sweeps to roll the jade across the forehead, and cheeks.

Step 4: Don’t neglect the neck! Start from the bottom and work your way up to the jawline to help tone facial muscles and boost blood flow to the face.