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Nutramedix Cowden Support Program Month 6


SKU: 30106

This pack contains all the products required for month 6 of Dr Lee Cowden's Support Program. The pack is available at a 25% discount on the usual price of the products. The changes to Dr Cowden's protocol have been instigated following his experiences with using the program. If you require further information on the changes to the protocol - please contact us. Month 6 includes: Banderol 30ml Cumanda 30ml x 1 Enula 30ml x 1 Houttuynia 30ml x 1 Burbur 30ml x 1 Magnesium Malate 120 Vcaps x 1 Mora 30ml x 1 Parsley30ml x 1 Pinella 30ml x 1 Samento 30ml x 3 Sparga 30ml x 1 Sealantro 30ml x 1

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