Nutramedix Amantilla - 30ml


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  • Liquid extract of valerian root
  • Contributes to optimal relaxation
  • Helps maintain normal quality of sleep

Nutramedix Amantilla is a potent liquid extract of the herb Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). Valerian root has been in use for thousands of years, both in Europe and elsewhere.

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates - who is credited as being the 'father of modern medicine' - described many uses for Valerian. Today, the most common use of the herb is to help people to maintain a normal quality of sleep. Valerian can also help you to cope calmly with stress of a busy lifestyle, which is no doubt the reason why it has been in popular use since the 18th Century.


Put 5 -15 drops in a glass and add 120ml (4oz) of water, then wait one minute before drinking. Take 1-3 times per day, before bed or as recommended by your practitioner.


Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root extract, Mineral water, Gluten-free Ethanol (20-25%).

About Nutramedix

Sourced mainly from Peru, Nutramedix manufacture products from nature’s finest botanicals, most of which are little known outside of South America. The extensive Nutramedix product range contains a number of lesser-known yet potent herbs, as well as more familiar plant extracts.