What is Nutramedix?

If you’re looking for high-quality natural products to support your health, look no further than Nutramedix.

Sourced mainly from Peru, Nutramedix manufacture products from nature’s finest botanicals, most of which are little known outside of South America. The extensive Nutramedix product range contains a number of lesser-known yet potent herbs, as well as more familiar plant extracts.

The Nutramedix range consists mainly of liquid herbal supplements, each of which targets a specific area of health, to help you feel the best you can be! From Samento TOA-Free Cat’s Claw to boost the immune system, to Avea to support healthy joints and bones, Nutramedix have you covered. The range also includes supplements in capsule form, such as Magnesium Malate and Serra Peptase.

One of the great success stories of the Nutramedix range are the Dr. Cowden Support Programs, which have been recommended by practitioners across the globe. The programs contain a range of products to support the immune system, defend against harmful organisms and support the adrenal system among other things, and come at a discount when bought as a Program rather than individually.

If you’d like more information on which products could help boost your health, get in touch!