What is Epigenar?

Epigenar is a range of nutritional supplements which provide formulations to support multiple body systems.

The brand name stems from the word ‘epigenetics’, which relates to how we can alter the expression of our genes through nutrients and lifestyle. Epigenar products are designed to work on their own but also do great alongside the Nutramedix range in supporting the body's immune system, amongst others.

From Blackcurrant Seed Oil capsules to Vitamin D3 and K2 liquid supplement, the range is full of supplements to help boost your body’s natural wellbeing, and which are super easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

By protecting your immune system, you’ll have a much greater chance of fighting off certain illnesses that come your way, including colds and the dreaded flu. With summer almost here, you’ll want to be out enjoying the sunshine rather than bundled up indoors, so make sure you’re taking a supplement with immune-boosting ingredients and eating lots of foods rich in vitamin C.

The range, which is soon expanding with 12 new products, also helps to support normal cell division and muscle function, making many of their products the perfect match for people with active lifestyles.

Explore the range here.

February 28, 2019 by Rio Health