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 The Rio Health Support Program (RHSP) uses a variety of products that are taken rotationally and should be used in the pattern described in the accompanying booklet (sent with Box 1). Although it is highly recommended to use the RHSP under the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner who can further personalise the program to the client, these boxes can be used directly (following the body weight Bands described below).

The RHSP is provided as boxed products to cover set periods of time that fit with the scheduling pattern of the program. The RHSP is available in 4 Bands with dosing according to adult weight.

 Adult Dosing by Body Weight

  • BAND-A: up to 73 kg
  • BAND-B: 72-86 kg
  • BAND-C: 86-95 kg
  • BAND-D: 95+ kg


  • PRE-RHSP BOX: 15 days cleansing (can be extended as needed)
  • RHSP BOX 1: The First 30 Days: Days 1-30
  • RHSP BOX 2: Days 31-60 (30 days)
  • RHSP BOX 3: Days 61-90 (30 days)
  • RHSP BOX 4: Days 91-135 (45 days)
  • RHSP BOX 5: Days 136-180 (45 days)
  • RHSP BOX 6: Days 181-225 (45 days)
  • If symptoms are not resolved, repeat BOXES 5 & 6 until symptoms resolve. Most individuals need multiple repetition of Boxes 5 & 6 before finalizing the Program
  • POST-RHSP BOX: Final 2 months' program: 60 days
  • RHSP Maintenance Program: ongoing (can be used alongside Prevention/Precaution Program)
June 21, 2022 by Rio Health