Mix & Matcha

If you haven’t heard of matcha, where have you been these past few years?

Matcha is the finely-ground powder of a potent type of green tea. Thanks to its multitude of nutrients, Matcha has been used in China and Japan for its health benefits since the 9th century.

It is 10x more potent than regular green tea, has 100x more antioxidants than traditional green, white and black teas, and is alkalising, detoxifying, energising and rejuvenating… phew!

So, how can I get some into my diet?

Here are some of our fave recipes…

Matcha latte

There’s nothing more comforting than a lovely hot drink, especially as the weather grows colder. Why not switch up your standard cuppa for a healthier (but just as comforting) version?

Matcha latte is nutritious yet delicious. Top tip: make it with steamed brown rice milk for a touch of natural sweetness!

Check out Deliciously Ella’s recipe for your matcha latte fix.

(Image credit: Just One Cookbook)


Matcha brownies

Who says eating healthily is boring?

Try adding two spoonfuls of matcha green tea powder into your brownie mix for the ultimate tasty treat.

Check out CookPad’s take on matcha brownies.

(Image credit: Cookpad)


Matcha pancakes

Kickstart your day with some matcha pancakes. Sweet and light, they’re the perfect way to start your morning and energise you for the day ahead!

Check out The Healthy Foodie for more info.

(Image credit: The Healthy Foodie)


Matcha doughnuts

Filled with all the nutritional goodness of matcha but just as delicious as your naughty-but-nice doughnuts, these will give you all the delight, without the guilt!

Get the recipe here.

(Image credit: Just One Cookbook)


Matcha pops

After something cold and refreshing but want to avoid sugar overload? Matcha yoghurt pops are cooling, low in sugar and acceptable for breakfast… tuck in!

Learn how to make them here.

(Image credit: My Name Is Yeh)

Spotted some recipes that take your fancy? Get your matcha here.  

March 28, 2019 by Rio Health