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Kickstart your health for 2018

Ahh, the festive period - a time for family, fun, and lots (and LOTS) of rich food. As delicious as Christmas is, this season of overindulgence can leave us feeling a tad sluggish and not our best. Luckily, the start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to take some steps in the right direction.

Why not try a few of these? Your body will thank you for it!

Take a multivitamin

If you take nothing else, take a multivitamin. Best Choice Daily Multi Tablets provide basic levels of all essential vitamins and minerals, plus many trace minerals and other nutrients.

Think of them as an ‘insurance’ multivitamin - they’re not a replacement for a healthy diet, but on those days where you reach for a coke rather than a smoothie, they’ll help bridge the nutritional gap.

Eat well

It won’t surprise you to learn that eating healthily also helps you feel your best - after all, “you are what you eat”. Providing your body with the right nutrition is absolutely essential for maintaining vitality and keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy.

Try to eat a rainbow of foods with a range of nutrients, e.g. berries or green tea for antioxidants, yogurt for probiotics, fish for omega-3 and nuts for vitamin E. You could even make small swaps such as replacing refined sugar with honey. Whilst the calorific content stays the same, honey has health benefits that sugar doesn’t, such as anti-inflammatory properties.

Need some inspiration? Check out our #RioRecipes.

Go herbal

For many Brits, tea makes up most of our bloodstream. OK not literally, but we do drink a lot, and often with milk and sugar! Rather than cut out your favourite beverage, why not switch to herbal tea instead?

Herbal teas offer all the comfort of your usual cuppa, but hydrate rather than dehydrate whilst providing a source of nutrients and often, antioxidants. Our Rio Amazon tea range features 9 high-quality botanical infusions, each offering their own set of health benefits.

Ditch the energy drinks

When we’re in need of a pick-me-up, it’s all too easy to reach for an energy drink, a sugary snack or a coffee. Whilst all of these might provide an initial ‘rush’ which makes you feel energised and alert, they also result in an energy ‘crash’ which leave you off worse than where you started.

Next time you feel you’re in a slump, reach for some guarana instead - a 100% natural energiser. Guarana has been used for thousands of years as a tonic and a stimulant, and provides a steady energy boost without the peaks and troughs associated with other sources of caffeine. Shop GoGo Guarana here.

So, if you want this year to be the year where you feel your best, simply pick one of these easy goals and stick to it! Let us know how you get on via Facebook or Twitter.