Introducing ‘Taste the Tropics’

We’re very excited to be introducing ‘Taste the Tropics’ - a new range of 8 botanical teas which will combine health benefits with exotic flavours for the perfect wake-up cup!

Each tea is made from 100% natural ingredients, including South American botanicals such as Yerba Mate and Pau d’Arco, and tropical fruits including Graviola and Acai. These are sealed in plastic-free tea bags made from a mixture of abacá (banana fibre) and cellulose.

Of course, all ingredients are ethically sourced. Right from the beginning, we’ve held high ideals about operating a fair-trade policy, negotiating fair trade prices with growers and ensuring ingredients come from sustainable sources.

All 8 of our new tropical teas are gluten-free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. After all, everyone should be able to taste the tropics!

Get the lowdown on each tea here, or shop the collection.